Our Mission

At Toe 2 Toe Training our mission is to provide top quality fitness boxing training. We support every individual and strive to help them reach their personal goals.


About Us

Toe 2 Toe Training is completely customized to each individual client. Our workouts are always positive, fun, and goal oriented. Safety is a key component to the success of our training methods. We take pride in focusing on the form and technique of every exercise. Our clients get the results they want because we consistently vary the intensity and type of workouts they do. 


Jason Guidicipietro Head Trainer

 Jason was a successful amateur boxer.  While training under former heavyweight contender Gerry Cooney he became a state champion. He was part of a team of top American Boxers that competed against the Irish National Boxing Team in Ireland. He was one of only three American fighters to win a match. While being a competitive boxer, Jason became an ACE, TSI, and AFTA Certified Personal Trainer and Olympic Boxing Coach. He has always loved helping others incorporate boxing into their fitness programs. He owned the Extreme Personal Training Studio for 11 years prior to opening up Toe 2 Toe Training.